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About us – VPN Settings Guru provides free internet tips and tricks. This includes all VPN settings and files, possible ways of getting free internet, and the apps.

You can get almost all the best VPN apps and their settings right on this website, you can also check out the latest tips and tricks on our blog.

We also encourage users to ask for the latest VPN settings and config files.

In addition, users of this website are encouraged to let us know about some VPN apps they want to be added.

Nothing is charged for anything that can be done on this website, everything is for free.

People can also share their VPN apps as well as VPN settings with us and the whole community.

VPN Settings Guru

VPN Settings Guru has made it clear to everyone that the site does not sell VPN settings or apps.

However, people are required to do everything they can to support this site in order to keep it running.

Some can share the site on WhatsApp or Facebook groups and some can tell friends to search the site on Google.

Our website is easily found on Google by just typing ‘VPN Settings Guru’ without quotes.

The web address is also very easy to remember, it only has 7 characters, set4vpn.

You are always welcome to send us a message if you have queries regarding our site.

Users can click on the Request a File button in the main menu to request config files and settings.