Did you know that it is very easy to create a website without paying for web hosting service and domain with the help of blogger? In this tutorial we’ll be using free website creation platform, blogger from Google.

Well, if you wasn’t aware of this I’m going to show you that it is possible to create a stunning website for free. You just need to give your smartphone or computer and some common knowledge.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a developer, you will just have to use your common sense. Because mainly if you want to learn website development you must be able to use your common sense. And the other most important thing is to learn how to structure things on your website so that it looks better or even great.

How Much Does A Website Cost

This actually depends on the type of a website you want and actually the amount of content that will go inside your blogger blog. These are the actually main things that can indicate the value of a website.

In this case we just want to know how much can we budget for setting up a website. Well, we need to buy a domain after that we need to buy a web hosting and lastly we may also need to buy a theme.

It domain is an address that will locate our website, and hosting will provide the root location of our website. This will include everything on our website that is the old database, text, images, videos, etc.

A theme is an already designed website that we will need to tweak in order to suite exactly what we want to be on our website. All these requirements can cost an average of $200 per year which is not too much.

But this doesn’t mean if you pay $200 you will have a complete website, you will just be able to pay for a domain, hosting, and a theme. But not all of us can afford this, this is why I’ve made this post. It is for those who can’t afford $200 per year.

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Creating A Website For $0

Assuming that we don’t have $200 to buy a domain name and a web hosting service as well as a theme there’s something we can do. You can actually create a free website that can rank in Google search results without any problems.

It is very easy, what you just have to do is to follow my simple steps in order to successfully make it happen. First and foremost you need to have a Google account, if you don’t have you can create your own google account easily.

. You will also need to have a smartphone or a computer but your smartphone must be acceptable in Google services. Once you have all those things in place we can now proceed to blogger.com and sign in. After signing in we need to create a blog, we can give it whichever name we want and also a subdomain name. This is very easy to do you can also check out the screenshot below on how you can set up your blogger blog.

Creating Posts

Now that you have successfully set up your blog on blogger.com you can now create posts. This actually depends on your niche, I like to create post in technology but you can create in whichever niche you want.

This actually depends on your passions, choose the niche that you can create posts in. I choose technology but if you copy and if you’re not sure about technology you can go off topic and you actually create meaningless posts.

So I advise you to create posting in the niche you are sure, and must be the one that you actually know about. Always create high quality content and don’t ever copy content from other sources online. Create posts of your own and they must be different from anything else on the internet. Check this out:

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Connecting Google Search

Once you set up your blog and created some posts you can now connect your blog to Google search console. The integration is very easy, because once you sign in to Google search console you will be required to enter your blog address.

And after that you will be automatically verified by Google search console if you use same Google account. The reason for submitting your blog in Google search console is to getting approved to be on the search results page.

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However, if your articles are well optimized they will appear in Google search results even without submitting your property. But we always recommend you to submit your property in Google search console so that you will see the insights of your blog. To get started you need to go to search.google.com/search-console and enter your website URL.

Connecting AdSense On Blogger

It is very easy to connect AdSense if you are using blogger because the process is way different from other blogging platforms. As I told you before, Blogger and AdSense are all Google-owned websites, you’ll not have any problems.

But you must keep in mind that when you submit your blog for AdSense approval you may need to wait for up to 2 weeks. After a maximum of 2 weeks you will see a notification regarding your submission.

You will either get approved or rejected this actually depends on how your blog content looks. Once you are approved you can set up Auto ads so that they will appear automatically without pasting codes all over your website.

If you got a rejected you may need to check what caused the application rejection and fix that error. You can also check out the tips below on how to get approved on your first submission and avoid all the rejections. See:

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How To Get Fast AdSense Approval

It is very easy to get AdSense approval however, it is very hard if you don’t know exactly how to do it. Over the past years, it was very easy to get approval from Google AdSense than nowadays.

These days Google AdSense has got so many users so it is now upgrading it’s a requirements for a site to be approved. So you can check out my tips on how to get fast approval and they can also prevent you from waiting longer. See also:

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AdSense Approval Tips

    1. Before submitting your blog make sure that it’s now appearing in Google search results.
    2. Make sure that you have created high quality posts with a minimum of 600 words they post.
  1. Before you submit your blog for AdSense approval make sure you have at least 25 high-quality, and well-written blog posts.
  2. DO NOT copy content from any source, write your own content.
  3. Share your blog posts on social media to get traffic
  4. DO NOT take other people’s images, create your own
  5. Don’t submit your blog if you’re not getting at least 50 visits per day.

If you manage to follow the above tips you can get approved on your first submission, promise you. Don’t rush to submit your blog for AdSense approval, take your time creating your blog. And always share your post on social media so that you will get more traffic before submitting your blog.

Final Thoughts On Making Website With Blogger

You have successfully created a website for free and you have successfully learnt how to connect it for monetization. I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section so feel free to post your comments below. And if you somehow Left behind please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section. I’m still there and I’m always here to help you with all your queries regarding making a website on Blogger. Don’t forget to check out some posts that you might also want and don’t forget to share this one on social media.