Depositing money into your OPay app through GTBank is both quick and effortless. There are two convenient methods to choose from: USSD and the mobile app. Allow me to guide you through the process and highlight any applicable fees along the way.

To begin with if you prefer using USSD you can deposit funds into your OPay app by dialing the specified code on your GTBank registered mobile number. This method is straightforward and accessible to all. However please note that there might be a small fee charged for each transaction. It is advisable to confirm the exact amount with your bank beforehand.

If you happen to be located in Nigeria and are searching for a hassle-free method to add funds to your OPay application consider yourself fortunate.

OPay is a renowned mobile money platform that provides a diverse array of services for its users.

These offerings include convenient and secure payment capabilities hassle-free money transfers and the option to effortlessly purchase airtime and data.

With OPay users can easily manage their financial transactions and stay connected at the same time.

If you happen to be a GTBank customer which is one of the biggest banks in Nigeria you can easily deposit funds into your OPay account using various convenient options.

In this article I will explain two straightforward methods that will allow you to deposit money into your OPay account through GTBank without any hassle.

How to Deposit Money into OPay App Through GTBank

Method 1: Deposit Money into OPay App Through GTBank USSD

When you find yourself running low on data or you prefer a direct method opting for USSD is the ideal solution. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can utilize it:

  1. Dial *737*22# on your phone.
  2. Select “Mobile Money.”
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. Input your OPay account number.
  5. Choose “OPay.”
  6. Provide your GTBank transaction PIN.
  7. Press # to confirm.

Bam! Your funds will be swiftly credited to your OPay account in an instant.

Method 2: Deposit Money into OPay App Through GTBank Mobile App

If you’re someone who appreciates the convenience of mobile applications the GTBank mobile app is an excellent option for seamlessly depositing funds into your OPay account.

Let me walk you through the straightforward process:

  1. Open the GTBank mobile app.
  2. Click on “Transfer”.
  3. Select “To Another Bank.”
  4. Enter the required information:
  • Account number: Your OPay account number
  • Amount: The sum you want to deposit
  • Reference: Feel free to leave this field blank
  1. Click on “Next.”
  2. Choose “OPay” from the list of available banks.
  3. Input your GTBank transaction PIN.
  4. Click “Confirm.”

In a swift and seamless process, the transfer of your funds will be carried out with utmost security ensuring that they are promptly and reliably deposited into your OPay account readily available for your convenient use.

FAQs About Depositing Money Into Opay Through GTBank

Looking for answers about depositing money into Opay through GTBank? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive FAQs providing valuable insights on the process requirements and any potential issues you may encounter.

Get all the information you need to make hassle-free deposits and manage your finances efficiently.

What are the fees for depositing money into OPay app through GTBank

When you deposit money into your OPay app using GTBank USSD you won’t be charged any fees.

It’s a convenient and hassle-free way to add funds to your account. However if you prefer using the GTBank mobile app there will be a nominal charge of N10 for the transaction.

While this fee may be minimal it’s important to note the difference in charges depending on the method you choose to deposit money into your OPay app.

How long does it take for money to be deposited into my OPay account?

You can be confident that when you deposit funds through GTBank USSD or the mobile app your money will be credited instantaneously.

This means that you won’t have to wait or experience any delays in accessing your funds. Rest assured that your money will be readily available whenever you need it.

What if I forget my GTBank transaction PIN?

If you have happened to forget your GTBank transaction PIN fear not as resetting it is a straightforward process. Just adhere to these uncomplicated steps:

  1. Go to a nearest GTBank branch.
  2. Bring your GTBank ATM card and identification card.
  3. Request a teller to assist you in resetting your GTBank transaction PIN and that’s it.

Can I deposit money into my OPay account through GTBank if I don’t have a GTBank account?

Unfortunately if you do not have an account with GTBank you will not be able to deposit funds into your OPay account through GTBank.

The option to deposit money into your OPay account via GTBank is solely reserved for GTBank customers.

I’m encountering difficulties while depositing money into OPay account through GTBank. What should I do?

If you come across any issues while depositing there’s no need to worry. Simply get in touch with GTBank’s customer support for help.

Their friendly team is available to assist you through phone email or chat. So don’t hesitate to reach out and receive the support you need.


Here it is the process of depositing money into your OPay app through GTBank couldn’t be any simpler. With the convenient USSD and mobile app options provided you have seamless access to funds transfer.

Regardless of whether you’re pressed for time or prefer the convenience of a mobile app GTBank ensures a hassle-free experience for you.

So feel free to proceed with topping up your OPay account effortlessly and with complete peace of mind.

If you still have any unanswered questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

I’m always available to assist you so feel free to reach out for any further clarification.

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